Japan Canada Student Association (JCSA) at the University of Toronto

Membership – メンバーシップ

First time? 初めての方

First time visitors to the JCSA only need to pay $2 for a trial membership. This will be used as a deposit towards a full membership if you come back. To sign up, just come to our desk at the exchange and say it’s your first time.

初めてJCSAに来られる方はトライアルメンバーシップとして登録時に$2 払っていただきます。この$2は2回目以降にフルメンバーシップになった場合の預け金として、フルメンバーシップの値段からひかせていただき ます。初めてJCSAに参加する場合は、受付の際に、初めての参 加だということをお伝えください。

Second time? 二回目の方

If you decide to come back after the trial (and you probably will!), you must become a member. Here are the rates:
トライアル以降にJCSAに参加していただくには、フルメンバ ーになっていただきます。フルメンバー料金は下記の通りです:


University of Toronto Student Members Non-University of Toronto Student Members
3 months $4
6 months $5 $6
1 year $7 $11


トロント大学の学生であるメンバー トロント大学の学生ではないメンバー
3ヶ月 $4
6ヶ月 $5 $6
一年 $7 $11


To sign up, please come to the reception desk before the exchange and tell us that you’d like to become a member.

(Please note, you must come back within 4 weeks of a trial in order to get your trial deposit counted.)
(※トライアル後、4週間以内にフルメンバーシップにならな かった場合、最初に支払っていただいた$2の預け金は無効になります。)

Conditions of Membership

You may become a member of JCSA after you have paid your membership dues and have read and understood the Codes of Conduct for the JCSA. By signing the membership form you are agreeing that you accept the terms of the JCSA Codes of Conduct. This basically means that you’re here to learn or take part and not offend anyone. Behaviour not deemed in the interests of JCSA will be grounds for membership termination.

Information Privacy

All personal information given to JCSA upon membership is not used or sold for any other purpose than to contact the member or to establish membership within JCSA. As a member, you have the right to not have your information disclosed without your consent.