Japan Canada Student Association (JCSA) at the University of Toronto

Contact Exchange


There is a cultural difference that must be considered. Saving face in Asia is common and well understood between people in Asia. However, this is not well understood outside of Asia where a simple “no” would do for an average Canadian. Please note, that this is a polite “no” in Canada and no face is lost or intended by saying it.

Although customary in both Japan and Canada to give out contact information, doing so in Canada is considered more an invitation for contact rather than just being polite. This may not be your intention at all. In Japan, you can receive a card etc and it still might not mean that you should call. This however, can be mistaken in Canada as interest and should be avoided until a Japanese gets the hang of using the polite “no” instead.
Normally in Canada, if we do not know the person very well we just say so, and do not give out information. It is completely unnecessary in Canada during a first meeting to give contact information and should only happen with people you know well. Do not be misunderstood. If someone is asking for your telephone number or email address and you do not know this person, do not give it out. This is normal, and you should not feel bad. No one will be angry with you, so please don’t worry! If they are serious about their studies you will see them again during JCSA.

We want our members to feel free to attend events for the sake of Language Exchange without other issues. For your own protection and in the interests of JCSA, please do not give out or ask for a member’s personal information during Language Exchange. This includes email or telephone numbers. Although not illegal, this is a condition of your membership and should be taken seriously.

Cultural differences aside, we feel strongly that a student club such as the JCSA /cannot be put into a position of liability/ regarding the unwanted harassment of members.

  • The purpose of this club is a meeting place for members only.
  • Any issues regarding the disclosure of personal information will be met with a warning from the Executive.
  • Continued failure or warnings will be met with membership termination to the discretion of the Executive.
  • When you sign the membership form, you are confirming your understanding and acceptance of these rules.
  • If the decision is made to exchange information, it is outside of the JCSA and is the choice of the member alone.

Thank you for your understanding and your help in making JCSA a responsible and better club for all its members.


あなたの個人情報はJCSAの会員登録のみに使用され、その他には一切使用されません。メンバー本人の同意なしに個人情報が公開されることはありません。 また、JCSAの活動内での個人のメールアドレス、電話番号の交換は禁止です。







JCSAはトロント大学の学生クラブであり、メンバーによる嫌がらせなどがあっても責任を負いません。 ですからしっかりルールを守ってみんなと楽しく交流を深めてください。

  • JCSAはメンバーのみ参加できます。
  • 個人情報の公開に関する違反が認められる場合は、スタッフが注意を促します。
  • スタッフが注意しても改善しない場合は、スタッフの判断でメンバーシップを剥奪します。
  • メンバー登録が完了した時点で、これらのルールを受け入れ、理解したものとみなします。
  • もし、連絡先を交換する場合はJCSAの活動外で個人の責任において行ってください。

JCSAの活動をより充実させるには、みなさんの理解と協力が必要です。 よろしくお願いします。