Japan Canada Student Association (JCSA) at the University of Toronto

What is the JCSA? – JCSAとは?

About us

Welcome to the Japan Canada Student Association (JCSA) of the University of Toronto (UofT). Since 1985, we have provided not only the UofT students, but the entire Toronto Community with the opportunity to study Japanese and English through the practise of language exchange.

Our members are mainly comprised of Japanese speakers who are on their Student/Working Holiday Visa to study english, and the English speakers who are current students (from UofT or other schools) or non-students who are studying Japanese.

In addition to the language exchange, we also promote cultural exchange to foster the relation between Canada and Japan.

The language exchange offers a learning experience unique from language schools. Its success is driven by the pursuing of mutual goals by the English and Japanese native speakers. Hence, JCSA should not be treated like a language school and we always encourage the members to engage and ask many questions.

To learn more about our language exchange, please visit the How It Works – 詳細 page.

For further questions, feel free to contact us at:

jcsacontact AT utoronto DOT ca

Japanese Canada Student Association (JCSA) はトロント大学に属する言語交換クラブであり、1985年にトロントで日本語と英語のランゲージエクスチェンジを行うのを目的に創設されました。



JCSAのランゲージエクスチェンジの詳細については、How It Works – 詳細をクリックしてください。

ご質問・ご意見等がございましたら、 下記メールアドレスまでお願い致します。

jcsacontact アットマーク utoronto ドット ca