Japan Canada Student Association (JCSA) at the University of Toronto

Ayaka Monzen: Thank you so much! ありがとうございました!

I have a special message from Ayaka Monzen, one of our volunteers who recently went back to Japan.


Hi, I’m Ayaka. I have helped the JCSA as a volunteer for half a year, but yea…finally its over…:’( Time to go back to Japan.

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毎週毎週、土曜日をなによりも楽しみにしていました!Language exchangeや、イベントに参加してたくさんの素敵な友達を作ることができました。
I really enjoyed JCSA!!!! Every single Saturday I attended JCSA, and also I joined all the events 😀

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Summer Boat Cruise

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Toronto Islands BBQ

Through JCSA I could make a lot of amazing friends! I think that’s the great point of JCSA. It is a really good opportunity to meet new people and able to improve our speaking and listening for sure!!!!

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I’m really sad that I’m leaving JCSA…but I hope everyone who comes to JCSA has fun and enjoys!!!!

JCSA スタッフのみなさん、メンバーのみなさん今までありがとうございました。
Thanks a lot to all JCSA staff and the members!

See you again!

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門前綾香 (Ayaka Monzen)

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